Frequently Asked Questions

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body's inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

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How does IT work?

The energy that comes through does the work. I interpret the information and share the results with you after the session. The energy that comes through is based upon your specific needs and will help you with whatever you are needing on a four body system (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual).  

The energy is so high vibrational it permeates your system wherever you need to heal or adjust, leaving you feeling balanced, rested and at peace.

It's not unusual to have messages from your guides and or angels come through in a session.

I do this in person and over a distance. Yep that's right! Distance sessions are available because energy medicine knows no bounds when it comes to time and space.

What to expect during an energy session-What's the process?

Usually energy sessions last an hour depending on your case. 1st time sessions I always recommend booking an hour to an hour and a half however, 1/2 hour sessions are available.

Energy sessions take place in a quiet soothing relaxing environment on a massage table unless we are doing a distance session. Comfortable clothes should be worn to allow for a full relaxing experience.

During the session I generally send the energy anywhere from 15-55 minutes depending upon the individual.

After the energy is done being sent, we will have a one on one discussion based on the intuitive messages I receive during the session.

If you opt for a distance session, you are asked to be in a space where you can relax and be undisturbed during the session.

What sets this energy session apart from the rest?

Not only will you be receiving beautiful healing energy, you will receive important messages and guidance to better your life on every level.

This is your chance to push the reset button and allow your whole body and energetic field to naturally reharmonize.

How often should energy sessions be done?

Energy sessions may be done as often as desired. You may also call me to discuss how often it should be done or specific intentions around your case.

What is New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation?

All of humanity is going through a renovation in order to hold more light caused by paradigm shifts throughout the world.

New Paradigm MDT is a system that assists people during their time of transformation. Whether, you are looking to free yourself of fear or need assistance in finding the vibration you are looking to emanate, the healing effects of this energy work is felt strongly.  

It is a system that uses powerful energies whose core essence is Love without conditions, non-judgement and freedom of fear. It is a method of self-empowerment that will move a person towards balance, peace and self-harmonization, if they so will it.

During a session, high frequency energy is flowing all around and through you, waking up the unconscious  awareness- jump starting your path to personal growth on a four body system. This freeing of energy permits your body and soul to release old emotional patterns, while creating space for unconditional love and freedom. 


"We are undergoing a crystalline transformation, a vibrational transformation, a paradigm shift transformation. We are part of a process that is on-going at this time, cause and effect intertwined, from our point of view. And our point of view is expanding multi-dimensionally."

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What are Oracle card readings?

Oracle card readings are designed to give you important messages, advice and or guidance you are seeking.

Where is Jess located?

I am located in northeast Illinois. I have an office located in Grayslake, IL and in Lindenhurst, IL however, I can do distance sessions to anywhere in the world!

Is Jess available for private parties and events?

Yes! Thinking about a girls night in, birthday party or event where you would like to have Oracle cards read? Call or email me to set it up.

Is Jess an ordained minister?

Yes, I am an ordained minister and am able to perform weddings, baptisms, baby naming ceremonies and funerals.

How much does all of this cost?

Prices per service will vary. 

Energy sessions begin at $37.50

Oracle card readings begin at $15

Ordained services begin at $100

Transformational packages $195

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