Meet Jess

Jessica Huston New Paradigm MDT Teacher and Practitioner

~I have the ability to help you feel your greatest and best self~

I began my path as a highly intuitive light worker after being certified as a Reiki practitioner. Since then I have been called to further expand my healing career, becoming a New Paradigm MDT teacher and practitioner. I specialize in helping you step into your true power which is moving you out of fear and into love; which, heals on all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

One of the questions I am frequently asked is, how did I get started in all this?

WELL, on my 37th birthday I woke up to an extreme panic attack which led to several unsuccessful western medicine doctor visits that only wanted to give me pills to "bandaid" the problem. I figured out that a more holistic and natural approach was the key to my healing and well-being. So while on that journey, I stumbled across Reiki energy healing and so it began, my journey to becoming an energy practitioner. I then discovered New Paradigm MDT which literally blew my MIND and simultaneously changed my life for the better forever! 

It was because of that New Paradigm session that I finally had the clarity to answer the question I had been searching for my entire life, What is my life purpose? 

I can also say that after having had that initial New Paradigm session, I haven't had a panic attack since!