Christina C

"My experiences with Jessica are out of this WORLD-

Whether dealing with grief and guilt from losing a loved one or fighting through relationship heartbreak-the relief from her sessions cannot be put into words.

Most recently I have dealt with terrible gastro problems. Come to find out I have a liver issue. All the medicine, all the tests, all the worrying....I wanted to give up. 

The pain, the discomfort, the feeling that it was never going to get better. 

So without revealing my tummy troubles, she knew what healing I needed and within 3 days after our session! 3 days! I felt like I got a new body!

It's been 4 weeks and I am still in awe over the healing I received from my last session! 

This is REAL!"


Chelsea R

"During my experiences with Jess, I come away with clarity. Her ability to share vital information as well as  healing energies, enables me to feel calm and rejuvenated.

She's given me information pertaining to physical health which has allowed me to make necessary changes in my life. 

After the sessions, I've been given information about more emotional and mental aspects which too has allowed me to set myself on a better path. 

Overall, Jess has allowed me to feel mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually cleansed and ready to take on the world!

Without Jess and her gift, I would not be as healthy in both mind and body as I am today. Thank you Jess!"


Sherri S

I have had three sessions with Jessica so far and have found them to be tremendously helpful. I had been feeling stuck in my life and through her work (New Paradigm) have been able to move forward in certain ways again and also gain perspective on issues that have held me back for a long time. She is caring and has a lot of integrity. Really good qualities in a healer. I plan on working with her indefinitely.


Nina K

I didn’t visit Jess the first time with a specific goal in mind because I didn’t know what New Paradigm was. She was highly recommended so I took a chance and hoped that somehow it would lead to some physical relief. I’d experienced a few different healing techniques which left me relaxed and comfortable but only for a short time. The results I got from Jess provided a calming physical effect but went deeper than physical alone. It seemed to unlock something energetic, emotional, and physical that other therapies weren’t able to reach and that resulted in a more lasting physical calm. Wish I could explain that better but it’s a connected feeling you just have to experience. 

I don’t walk into my sessions with a list of things I need fixed. I just experience. But after our sessions Jess always comments on what she’s felt and they almost always match to things both emotional or physical that I’m managing. Some have been things I knew deep down I’ve needed to address and her confirmation was the support I needed to dig deeper. Thanks Jess! You’re a true healer. 


Nicole J

"A healer isn't someone you go to for healing, a healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal." 

Jessica truly is a healer. She has triggered in me my own ability to heal. Her energy sessions are the catalyst to a pathway of healing. Since going to Jessica for energy work, she has helped me clear out energy blocks that were keeping me stuck, that were keeping me from my true authentic self. I am an empath and it's rare to find people that understand; Jessica not only understands but is very compassionate and comes from a place of love. She is always so helpful and has warm and nurturing aura, she follows up, encourages questions, and truly cares. She is able to give me tools to navigate this world as a deep feeler of the world; as a sensitive soul.  She is able to clear out energies I absorb being an empath that aren't healthy for me to make room for the energy I want to attract; the healthy, clean, loving energy that will raise my vibration. My energy sessions with Jessica have been life changing. I let fear hold me back for so long, but since going to Jessica, those old energy blocks have dissolved and I am living my life with more courage and true inner peace. I've had several sessions with Jessica and each time I leave feeling more elevated and peaceful, and more clarity to continue of my journey of awakening. If you are feeling "stuck" in your life or keep attracting the same things that you know weigh you down and block the things you really want in life, see Jessica for an energy session and see your life start to shift in amazing ways.